Indiegogo!! Picking Daisy Petals

Indiegogo!! Picking Daisy Petals

I am a very passionate singer and songwriter. I am in the process of recording my first studio album! I have 27 days left to raise the funds to make this album as gorgeous as possible. I need YOUR help! Any amount given goes towards making this project happen. Sharing the campaign to as many people as possible will spread the word. Please help me! There’s plenty of fun incentives you can check out. You can also make my dreams come true and bring some new unique music into the world.

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T.U.R.N.T *Photo Update*

LAST WEEKEND my band Nica and The Dreams had a blast performing T.U.R.N.T. Thank you O.A.P.I.A., SOCA, LU Hip Hop & Candies

Poppin' at Purchase

On November 16th, O.A.P.I.A, SOCA, LU, Hip Hop & Candies put together an amazing showcase! And Finally- the pictures of the Truly Unbelievable Real Natural Talent Showcase are here!!! The performances were really outstanding last week. Thank you all for coming out and being patient with the photos! The after party photos are headed your way tonight as well!
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